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Cloud Hosting

We provide a revolutionary new cloud hosting service providing access to on-demand storage, processing and bandwidth. Our infinitely scalable VPS infrastructure provides a stable platform on which to build your web applications. Choose the resources you need with our configuration tool below, to see just how cost effective the service can be.



Self healing with automatic failover One IP address per VM
Gigabit unmetered connections
Windows and Linux system images  over 100 and counting
24/7 UK Support 365 days a year Launch many VPS on one package
High speed deployment in minutes Premium Templates such as cPanel




Technology you can understand 

Talking about CPU cycles and billing you by the second sounds good but then do you really know what you're paying for and when? We've taken the very latest cloud technology and made it so everyone can understand and use, just like traditional hosting. Technology doesn't have to be taxing, you can leave the clever stuff to us and just enjoy knowing what you're getting for your money.

Failover and scalability  

It's one of the things clouds are for right? You want your website to go on working if anything happens to the hardware or it trends on twitter, which you just can't do with traditional servers. If there are hardware issues your VM just powers up somewhere else within seconds without you having to lift a finger, or can scale up resources to cope with the largest traffic spike instantly, and who wouldn't want that?

Geeks on tap  

24/7 phone, ticket support is pretty clever. But then so are our support teams. Consistently rated above a 4/5 average for their replies you can relax knowing that help is there when and how you need it.