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With potential customers' expectations steadily increasing, it is critical that your company ensures its website contains up-to-date information. Businesses must also ensure the content is changed on a regular basis to ensure potential customers expectations are met.

At Astral Informatics Ltd , we can install a full Content Management System. This provides complete control over text, images and graphics within your website. The administrator might include documents, images, audio / video, flash animation, graphs, spreadsheets and presentations.

Content Management System is a web publishing tool that enables a range of content to be easily published to the web. The content can be organised and managed in a logical and effective way. The Content Management solution will provide a user interface so that the administrator can easily add, update and maintain the content without disturbing the design layout. The administrator need have only very limited IT skills.

The CM solution contains a 'rich text editor' format that gives the administrator complete control over page content and design. It incorporates many controls found in packages such as MS Word along with the ability to use drag and drop, absolute positioning to move text, images, objects and rich media content to any location within a page.

Our Content Management solution has built-in functions to create and modify the title, description, keywords and meta tags for each page. The editor can also add ALT tags for any images within the site.