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We offer a vast range of e-commerce solutions, depending on the individual business requirements. We can construct a full database driven shopping cart, which is custom designed to meet specific requirements or alternatively, modify a standard, commercially available shopping cart. With the internet expanding rapidly, and more businesses trading online, it is becoming more critical that organisations do not miss this tremendous opportunity. Last year in the UK alone, almost 5billion of trading was done electronically (Source DTI).

Each e-commerce system has its advantages and disadvantages, from 'Off the shelf solutions' to tailor developed solutions, each offers different e-commerce options.

'Off the shelf' e-commerce solution software systems

These systems are less expensive to purchase, are easier to setup, and have options to deal with most types of products. However, these types of solutions have limitations on how they display the products, they often cannot be upgraded or altered to suit the client's needs and more importantly cannot be specifically customised to the client's exact requirements. Most of these e-commerce systems do not support the search engine promotion campaigns that are so important to get products in front of potential buyers.

Tailored e-commerce solution software systems

The tailored solution developed by Astral Informatics Ltd has many advantages over the 'off the shelf' e-commerce solutions. The solution is specially developed for the client's company and it's products and or services. This ensures that the e-commerce solution suit the exact needs of the client.

Our e-commerce systems would be incorporated into search engine friendly websites and be developed to be continuously search engine friendly. This would allow your website and your products to be listed and highly ranked within the search engines.

e-commerce solution features and benefits

  • Manage all products, product details, prices and shipping.
  • Upload image(s) for each product with built in image editor.
  • Order processing system - allowing the shop administrator to manage all orders, refunds and returns easily.
  • Attractive, custom made design based on your specifications.
  • Complete shipping management.
  • Simple, easy to use interface for shop and order management.
  • Integrated payment solution or can be connected to any leading online payment processor
  • Powerful site search facility.

Email Newsletter module allowing constant communication with previous and potential customers about new products or news.