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Astral Informatics Limited is a Web Design, Development and Web Hosting Company with its headquarters in Central London and branch office in Central India, Nagpur. We are specialized in implementing businesses through digital mediums like softwares, applications, websites and hosting services. Our technology based associations have assisted various organizations grow and flourish their online presence.

We are always committed to bring advanced solutions through constant feedback from our clients, associates and employees. Always inspired by the vision to integrate the grandeur of technology while keeping in sight its nuances, we are thrilled by the trends and take them as a guiding star to flourish in this ever evolving space.

About Astral Informatics Limited

Astral Informatics Limited is a global web solutions company. Our clientele across the industries have been our inspiration and the yardstick of our success. With over hundreds of successful associations since inception, we have been able to deliver projects on software applications and web development that cater to the unique needs of each client. We have been able to deliver such an immense performance only with our ingenious web designers, programming consultants and avid analysts supported by the clients we love to work with.

Our expertise has been in developing advanced database driven content management systems, for reservation system, project management, property management, dating systems, shopping carts and payment gateway integration. We have specialized experience in database languages, including, PHP, MySQL, and SQL. Whether you have a huge corporation with an extensive requirement or a small firm looking to equip technology as mainstream of your business, you can rely on our experience and expertise.

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Our Services

Application Development

Ready to suit all your business needs and customer requirements, upgrade your business with the latest…

Website Development

Every business with a unique field of expertise and different size of operation requires a web presence that can…

Website Design

We believe in making presentations that are easily accessible via World Wide Web, i.e. your website…

Digital Marketing

Businesses are going digital and the time is running out to grab your market share. In this age of digital marketing, right…

Social Media Marketing

Your brand is nowhere if it’s not where your audience is. It should be liked, shared, and commented by them before it…

Search Engine Optimization

‘Key Word’ – It is not the only thing that search engine optimization needs to succeed…

Email Marketing

Works best for fresh start ups and existing organizations where there is no huge funding, clients, network, or market…

Content Writing

Our teams of professional writers are equipped with bringing in new ideas to create brand communication…

Graphic Design

Your audience is always around the digital and social media atmosphere and we are here to grab their attention with…

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