Application Management System

To grow business and exceed customer service expectations, both educational institutes and agencies need simple and intelligent systems to manage their business. Through an automated and easy-to-navigate interface, AMS offers greater visibility into your day-to-day operations to reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks, decrease errors and omission risk, that will allow to provide a better response to client needs

Features of Application Management System

  • Dashboard

    Graphical Dashboard

  • Dashboard

    Document Management

  • Commission Management

    Commission Management

  • Multiple Access Portals

    Website Form Integration

  • Customise Your Experience

    Customise Your Experience

  • Fees Management

    System Administration

  • Mailing System

    Appointment Management

  • Mailing System


  • Refer a Friend

    Refer a Friend

  • Student Management

    Student Management

  • Agent Management System

    Agent Management

  • Application Tracking System

    Application Tracking

  • Multiple Access Portals

    Multiple Access Portals


Here's what you can expect...

Centralises your Files

Manage your Accounts

Statistical and Accounting Tools

Ease of editing documentation

Extensive Reporting Capability

Printing Options

Manage student and
agent information





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